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Name:Diana of Themyscira
Location:Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
Diana is the young princess of the Amazons of the small Greek island of Themyscira. She is adored by her people, as she is the youngest of all the Amazons, and the only child to be "born" among them.

Diana's Gifts:
From Aphrodite, stunning beauty and a loving heart
From Athena, great wisdom
From Demeter, the power and strength of the Earth
From Hestia, sisterhood with fire
From Artemis, unity with beasts and the instincts and prowess of a natural hunter
From Hermes, speed and the power of flight

She is also the finest warrior of the Amazons, even at her young age, and is especially proficient with a bow, javelin and the unique martial arts style of fighting used by her people. Diana is resistant to most forms of magic and injury, although sharp projectile weapons, such as bullets or arrows, can penetrate her skin. However, she heals exceptionally fast, as, like the Earth, she is constantly renewing herself.

Speech indicated inside a set of [] brackets is Themysciran, which is a dialect of Ancient Greek.

Diana stands just shy of 6' tall and has black hair and blue eyes. She has a metal bracelet on each wrist that she is never without and carries a corded lasso with her wherever she goes.

Diana/Wonder Woman and all comic images are copyright DC Comics, Warner Bros., and all those lovely people like that. Ioanna Papadimitriou, the PB, belongs to herself. No profit; all fun.
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